10 healthy eating habits

1. Eat small meals

The rhythm of modern life often harms our health. If you eat breakfast and lunch right away, this will not only not be good for you, but will also significantly damage digestion. The feeling of satiety will quickly be replaced by heaviness, and your condition will only worsen. It’s better to eat a little, but often.

2. Not a day without vegetables and fruits

By constantly consuming vegetables and fruits, you will gradually get rid of toxins and toxins. These foods have fiber, vitamins, and other beneficial minerals, so they have a positive effect on health.

3. Provide your body with more water.

Pure water removes various harmful substances from the body and prevents their accumulation. It has a beneficial effect on the work of all internal organs and helps to maintain health and freshness.

4. Mandatory cereal breakfast

In addition to the large amount of essential substances that cereals are rich in, cereals are as light as possible for the digestive system. In addition, they can be varied with all kinds of variations and additional ingredients.

5. Prefer steamed dishes

This food preserves all the important and useful components and allows you to use a

minimum of oil, which has a beneficial effect on digestion.

6. Do not ignore dairy foods

Calcium contained in milk is necessary for children for full development, as well as for all adults, especially the elderly. Its lack affects the health of the skin, hair and nails.

7. Expand your diet

If this rule seems superfluous to you, then do not rush to conclusions. Each category of products is rich in only certain beneficial substances. There is no such product that would replace all the others. Therefore, it is very important to have as many varied foods in your diet as possible.

8. Do not combine the process of eating with any business

If during a meal you talk enthusiastically or do not interrupt any mental work, your digestion will not work fully. In addition, you run the risk of eating too much.

9. Do not eat dinner late and satisfying

Late dinner is not very good for the body. Therefore, make it a rule to have dinner at least 2 hours before bedtime. Prefer light food, which will not overload the digestive system and digest for a long time.

10. Separate food and drink

This rule is simply necessary for a healthy diet. Do not drink the liquid immediately after eating, it is better to take a half-hour break. Very soon you will feel not only benefit, but also comfort.