Mobile application based on the "Practical Approach to Lung Health" guidelines, is available for downloading on Android Smartphones and Tablets! | Print |
Thursday, 09 March 2017 00:00

Dear colleagues!

We are pleased to announce that, within the framework of the WHO project "e-health tuberculosis, respiratory diseases and cessation counseling," an application has been developed for use on Android Smartphones and Tablets, based on the "Practical Approach to Lung Health" guidelines approved by the Ministry of Health Order № 497 05/07/2014.

The application is intended for use by primary care physicians, pulmonology and phthisiology.

Within the mobile application, the following basic functions are available based on the POSL:

1. The ability to read the manual for quick reference

2. The ability to quickly send to the patient's e-mail address all the application manuals, as well as all parts of the sections "information to provide patients." If necessary, this information can be sent to your e-mail address and printed.

3. The ability to quickly review the samples of prescriptions for all respiratory diseases in order to check the correctness of the drug's choice and dosage.

4. The ability to quickly send information about cessation of smoking, generation of a standard prescription for nicotine replacement therapy.

5. The ability to check the dosage of anti-TB drugs depended on the weight of the patient, the ability to send for printing information about tuberculosis for the patient, a list of side effects, etc.

Instructions for downloading the application:

•        Download the file on your Android phone or tablet:

•        Open this file and install the app.

•        The application is ready to use.

It is also planned to adapt the application for use on iOS and Windows phone operating systems.