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Consultations in consultative outpatient department of RSPC of Pulmonology and Tuberculosis are held on weekdays from 9.00 to 15.00.

For consultation to patients in the pulmonary profile consultative outpatient department RSPC of Pulmonology and Tuberculosis need to provide:

1. Passport;

2. Military ID or registration certificate for men from 18 to 28 years;

3. Direction for consultation;

4. Extract from the outpatient Cards;

5. Clinical and laboratory tests, spirometry is not more than a month ago;

6. Sightseeing rentgenogramm no more 10 days ago, as well as all available roentgen-archive;

7. In the presence of CT-examinations should submit the study protocol and CT-ROM in the Dicom format.

Consultations carried out:

1. Gurevich H.L. - MD, professor, director of the center;

2. Skrahina A.E. - MD, deputy director of the center;

3. Davidovskaya E.I. - MD, PhD, Head of the Pulmonary Department;

4. Kalechits O.M. - MD, PhD, head of the pulmonology department of monitoring and evaluation;

5. Borodina G.L. - MD, PhD, Head of the Department Phthisiopulmonology BSMU;

6. Dubrovsky A.S. - MD;

7. Krivosheeva J.I. - PhD, associate professor of Phthisiopulmonology BSMU;

8. Babchenok A.M. - the highest category doctor, deputy director of the center;

9. Kudlach N.I. - doctor of the highest category, Head. receiving section;

10. Burak O.M. - the highest category doctor, counseling center.