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In September 2016, the Constitution of the Association of Russian-Speaking Experts in the field of respiratory medicine - ARSRM was signed in London.

Founding organizations of the Association are the Association of Central Asian pulmonologists, the Belarusian Respiratory Society, the Georgian Respiratory Society, the Euro-Asian Respiratory Society, the European Respiratory Society, the Kyrgyz Respiratory Society, the Pulmonary Health Society, the Respiratory Society of Kazakhstan and the Russian Respiratory Society.

The goal of the Association is to unite Russian-speaking specialists in the field of pulmonology for the exchange of information, experience, ideas, for more successful communication on the basis of a common language for all.

The headquarters of the Association are in Lausanne, the activities of the Association are carried out in accordance with the laws of Switzerland.

The official languages ​​of the Association are Russian and English.


On October 21, the first General Assembly of the Association was held in Moscow.

As a result of a secret ballot in which representatives of founding organizations took part, an Executive Committee was elected consisting of:

President - A. S. Belevsky (Russian Federation)

Vice-presidents - E.I. Davydovskoy (Republic of Belarus) and A.M.Pak (Kazakhstan)

The chosen president is A.Sh. Sarybaeva (Kyrgyzstan)

The Secretary General appointed Anastasia Mlotec-Soulie (Switzerland)


On October 19 the second General Assembly of the Association was held in St. Petersburg.

The result of the work of the Assembly was the adoption of the Declaration on the activities of the Association.


Association of Russian-Speaking Experts in the field of respiratory medicine (ARSRM), being a professional organization, uniting professional associations of different countries as well as medical workers in the field of pulmonology on the basis of a language convenient for communication, declaring adherence to the humanistic principles declared by the United Nations and the World Health Organization, concentrating in its activities exclusively on medical science and practice, declares the main directions s activities.

ARSRM concentrates its actions on the issues of difficult pulmonology, namely - difficult to diagnose the treatment of diseases and conditions, the management of orphan diseases, the appointment of biological and targeted drugs, special regimens of conventional therapy. ARSRM, recognizing the importance of changing the structure of health care in many countries, makes efforts to develop common approaches to the issues of training, continuing education and practical activities of general practitioners (primary level)

To achieve this goal, ARSRM forms expert councils and organizes discussions in various formats with the aim of making recommendations to the professional communities of ARSMR participating countries, namely, the expert council for diagnosing and treating severe bronchial asthma (coordinator - Professor A.Pak); expert council on problems of general practitioners (coordinator - Professor N. Brimkulov).

ARSRM is making every effort to help physicians from ARSMM member countries to participate in Russian-language conferences in ARSMM member countries, as well as in other countries where symposia are held in Russian or translation is provided. ARSRM makes efforts to organize Russian-language translations of scientific and educational events in other languages.

ARSRM is making efforts to organize scientific and educational activities in the member countries of ARSRM with the involvement of leading experts from the member countries of ARSRM and beyond.

ARSRM develops a website and electronic educational resources.

ARSRM develops cooperation with the European Respiratory Society, the American Thoracic Society, and other leading professional international associations.

The nearest plans for the activity of the Association are outlined.