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WHO Collaborating Center for the introduction of new drugs and regimens for the treatment of M/XDR-TB based on the Republican Scientific and Practical Center for Pulmonology and Tuberculosis  for the first year of activity (from March 2019 to April 2020) with the close support of the European regional WHO Bureau held 3 international trainings / seminars for 47 specialists from Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan, Moldova, Rwanda, as well as an internship for 2 specialists from Uzbekistan. The purpose of the training was to study the algorithm for introducing new drugs and treatment regimens for M/XDR-TB during the transition to new WHO recommendations. The training programs included key aspects of the tuberculosis control program, taking into account the achievements of modern medical science and new approaches to the detection, treatment and prevention of tuberculosis in accordance with new WHO recommendations.


As a result of the training, participants received comprehensive knowledge in the field of planning, implementation, monitoring of patient-oriented TB services; programmatic introduction of new drugs with an expanded package of active monitoring and safety management (aDSM); conducting operational research including modified short non-injection treatment regimens for MDR-TB; developing a draft plan for the transition of countries/countries to new WHO recommendations.

Training was conducted in Russian and English consisted of lectures and a practical part, presented in phased interconnected sessions on the joint analysis of clinical cases (full-time and online) at the Republican MDR-TB consilium, work in inpatient and outpatient departments (discussion of the results).

During this period, at the national level, 9 educational advanced training programs and training courses on tuberculosis control were implemented based on WHO guidelines including pharmacovigilance in the use of new anti-tuberculosis drugs, laboratory diagnosis of RR-TB and special problems, in which were attended by 74 specialists of the Republic of Belarus including the heads and medical personnel of healthcare institutions of the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus, involved in the implementation of anti-TB measures and services.